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I’m Brittney Christie (that’s my first and last name!) and I’m a Photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. I collaborate with emerging and established brands to tell stories through imagery. The photos I make are a direct representation of how I view life and what my values are. I don’t sweat the small stuff. I value integrity, creativity and artistic collaboration. It’s important to me that my work is authentic, empowering, relatable and honest. I strive to capture what it feels like to be truly alive and in the moment.

I began shooting when I was a teenager, while roaming the Arizona deserts and skateparks every summer with my friends. I tried to capture every moment of what it felt like to be a young person trying to find their place in the world and that period of my life is a huge influence behind my work today. I went on to study Fine Art Photography at the University of Arizona and graduated with a BFA in 2013.

On weekends I still like to roam around outside and explore new places (camera in-hand, of course), cook more food than I can even fit into my body and cuddle my two adorable pups. I like to take a good hike with friends, lay in the grass at my favorite park and i’m especially into a night that ends on a dance floor.

Some things I’m into

Encouraging and empowering others, making things with my hands, youth culture, getting out in the sun and moving my body, live music, living with intention, finding and keeping balance between work and personal life, finding ways to play.


Select clients + Publications

Elle USA, True Religion, Nasty Gal, DayDreamer, Crossroads Trading Co, Varley, Cake Magazine, Back Beat Rags, YRU, Ipsy, Buffalo Exchange, Contributor Magazine, Whimsy & Row, Owsla, Little Empire Music, Chole Oliver, Thread and Supply, Mojeh Magazine, Six Shooter records, Yo! Magazine China, Flex company, Susi, Lab No.25, Shop 851, Serengetee, Ali and Jay, Bailey 44



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